Singh IPA


The concept behind this branding stems from the origin story of Indian Pale Ales. It has been said that when Indian Sikhs used to go sailing for long periods of time, the water that they stored would go bad over the course of a few days. The sailors tried several alternative drinks - including milk, juice, and traditional beers - in search of a solution to their dehydration. But, like the water, everything spoiled within days. This left the Indian sailors with no option but to make a new type of drink that would not go bad. Which led to the creation of a lighter, hoppier beer called the Indian Pale Ale that could actually be brewed on board a boat.

The Singh IPA logo design connects back to this origin story through the modern take on traditional indian typography, the wave motif, and the colors of each beer variation. The names of each flavor were derived from the names of the Seven Seas that were often traveled by the sailors and the colors are representative of the other drinks they tried before stumbling upon the IPA.