Nike Fitness

AD Design

Nike is a lifestyle brand that tends to attract serious athletes. While there are several branches of the brand, there is currently nothing that targets people who are looking to get healthy before they get fit. For this reason, I decided to create a campaign for Nike Fitness. The goal of this campaign is to combat obesity and encourage general health, while also increasing daily activity.

The campaign I created is called "Fitness Has No Finish Line" and it revolves around the idea that fitness is a constant, not a goal. This concept is carried out through an outdoor guerrilla fitness track with quarter mile markers that allow consumers to track how far they have walked, run, or biked. The mile markers start at zero from any given location, and once they hit .75 miles, the next marker becomes zero again. This allows people to jump in at any time and set their own personal fitness goals. This app has been created to support the campaign and allow consumers to view local tracks, keep track of progress, and use other Nike apps.