Invisible girl project



Invisible Girl Project is a non-profit organization working to save young girls in Asia that fall victim to gendercide. With the former branding and advertising, the organization was not thriving. For this reason, Invisible Girl Project needed to re-brand in order to raise awareness about the cause while also increasing brand recognition and incoming donations.

The inspiration for the new logo came directly from the name of the organization. It features the faint, almost invisible, outline of a young girl’s silhouette. When possible, the silhouette is used as a die-cut, making the absence of a logo the logo itself. The new brand uses only black and white to reflect how the issue of gendercide as seen as a black and white situation in which girls are bad and boys are good. The featured advertisements use positive photographs in conjunction with a jarring tagline to challenge what viewers in America know to be true about the relationship between a mother and her daughter. All elements of the brand’s new identity have been created with the viewer in mind to make an immediate impact and increase brand recognition.