Ad Design

Adidas is an extremely popular fitness and lifestyle brand, but over the last few years it has taken the backseat in the marketplace. Other brands like Nike and UnderAmour having been coming out on top year after year because of their efforts that extend beyond the sports arena. Adidas has failed to stay relevant and while it is trying to come out as a larger fashion brand, it is alienating its existing market of athletes. The brand needs to find a balance between the two in order to come out on top.

The struggle that Adidas has been facing inspired me and another teammate to create a campaign called "What's Your Why?" This campaign extends past the sports arena and connects with athletes, and everyday people who may not have any relation to sports. The reality of our society is that everyone has a why. Everyone has a reason they are doing what they are doing. And this campaign captures that emotion in a way that no other sports brand has done before. Elements of this campaign include locker room takeovers of schools in low-income neighborhoods, guerrilla basketball hoops, Boston marathon mile markers, and an exclusive Netlfix docu-series that follows growing students and athletes.